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Accutek Filling Line, Model AVF 10

SKU- 3902-1

Used Accutek bottle liquid filling line, line speeds up to 100 bottles/minute, with 42" diameter Accutek feed table, p/n 28-042-USA, Accutek inline piston filler, model AVF10, series 16, 10 head, with pistons, and product hopper, with integrated slat conveyor, p/n 02-551-000, Accutek inline spindle capper, model ASC-6, with cap sorter and cap elevator, p/n 22-500-00, 15" Accutransfer turntable, Labelette dual sided labeler with Dikai coder, p/n 24-APS-228, 42" Accutek discharge table, p/n 26-ST45-SAO, with integrated slat conveyor and descrete machine HMI controllers, line built 2020/2021, installed February 2021, run through October 2021.

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