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0.2 Sq Meter Comber Nutsche Filter Dryer

SKU 4039-19

Used 0.2 Sq Meter Comber agitated nutsche filter dryer, Type PF100, model SI130431180, Hastelloy C2000 construction, 100 liter slurry capacity, rated 690 Kpa and full vacuum at 178 C internal, jacketed vessel and bottom plate rated 690 Kpa and full vacuum at 178 C, 2 wing agitator with cored shaft and blades rated 690 Kpa and full vacuum at 178 C with top mounted rotary union hydraulically driven telescoping agitator shaft with mechanical seal and internal bellows, removable bottom filter plate with quick release latch and lift/lower mechanism, top mounted Comber dust filter with back cleaning vessel, manually operated side discharge plug, into Steril 2 glove isolator, sample port with manually operated valve, Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 HMI, 5 hp hydraulic power pack, vessel serial# 2970, national board# 52, machine serial# 3227-OB01, built 2006.

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